Loco sound board

Garden railway loco sound unit
Garden railway loco sound unit

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This little board is very easy to connect up.  Just 6 screw terminals, 2 the Motor, 2 to Power and 2 to the Speaker.  The engine sound at stop is a tick over which then increases in rate as the speed increases. Turning the adjustment you can adjust the unit to match your battery and motor configuration. Input voltage 5.5-18 Volts

This unit is built and has been tested.  The unit gives a two tone horn blast when starting and randomly about every 2 minutes when running at full speed.

Please always check and double check the correct polarity of the battery before connecting.

To adjust the unit turn the adjustment to minimum clockwise and run logo to fill speed and then adjust till full engine speed is heard. Or adjust when loco is running full speed using a meter and set pin 6 of right-hand chip to 3.3 Volts

Loco Sound Unit


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