Radio control 2 way relay switch

Radio Control R/C 2 way relay switch.


R/C Relay

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This switch will switch 2 relays in latching or non latching mode.

To adjust from latching to non-latching you just move a small jumper and re apply power.

The unit is powered from the receiver only do not use 6 Volts or more otherwise the board will be damaged.

Each channel is independent or each other so you can use non-latching on 1 and latching on the other.

Examples may be :
Deck lighting and a bulge pump or sound module on a boat.
Car lights and a horn or engine revving sound.
Any motor that you need to control forward or reverse. Bow thrusters, Crane, Winch and lots of other things.
A motor that you need to control with stops at each end. I use this for a tank barrel up/down.

Each one built and tested by me.
Some units are polarity critical please take care when connecting the battery.

 As a home hobbyist I am always looking to improve and add control boards

to my models if you can think of something I don’t do please feel free to let me know.

Regards Andy Quirot